Happy “Picky” Eater

I recently hired this company (My Chef Lara…..US!) for meal prep and I absolutely love what they have been delivering. I have a lot of dietary restrictions and I’m a pretty picky eater. I almost always prefer my cooking to other restaurants, meal delivery services or other chefs I used. That said, every meal from My Chef Lara was absolutely amazing and way better than what I could have imagined or done myself. They are also incredibly easy to work with, yet still very precise and focused on cooking within the confines of what I can eat. I definitely appreciated how considerate they were of my restrictions. In four weeks of their meals I love over 10LBs, which is a fantastic! But I never felt like I was eating on a diet. The portions, recipes and delivery is all top notch. If you’re looking for a meal prep or personal chef service, definitely reach out to them. I’m so glad I did!

Michael K., East Greenwich