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Meal Prep. & Delivery

Meal Prep & Delivery

We always start a new service with an interview, which either happens in person or via Zoom. This is a perfect way of getting to know each other and learning all of the dietary needs or wants of our clients. We are asking questions like ” What is your spice level?”, or “Do you like cilantro?” and we have approximately 317 more pieces of information we would like to know. The interview takes approximately 45 minutes.

Based on all of the information about you, we create a sample menu. Once you review it, we incorporate any changes you would like to make. We then finalize the menu and schedule your personal cooking day.

In the morning of the scheduled cooking day we go shopping at a store of your choice. Normally our go-to store is Market Basket, but we are more than happy to go to any store of your liking, like Whole Foods or Trader Joes or Dave’s. You name it, we go there.

After shopping is done, we either come to your home and take over your kitchen or we bring all of the food items to our commercial kitchen on the East-Side of Providence. Then we cook all of the meals and package them into dual-ovenable containers, which allow that the meals can be reheated in an oven or the microwave. In your home we then place all of the meals into your fridge or freezer. If we cooked in our commercial kitchen we then package all of the meals into our insulated delivery containers and deliver the meals to your home.

This happens normally after 3PM on a given cooking day but we are flexible and will communicate with you to find the best delivery time for you. 

Our initial “best bang for the buck” and starter package is a so called 5×4, which gives you a total of 20 complete meals; all individually packaged and labeled with re-heating instructions.

The first number “5” defines the number of different meals and the second number “4” the number of portions of each meal. The product of 5×4 equals 20, and that gives you the total number of all meals of your service.

Find several menus with different meal variations and portions.

If you want more variety, then please change the first number and if you just wish to have more meals of the same type you change the second number

Sample of a 6×4 service before packaging.

The basic price for a 5×4 service is $370 service charge plus the cost for food, which normally amounts to $100 to $110 when we buy at Market Basket and between $130 and $140 when we buy at Whole Foods.

In comparison a 5×6 service which would give you a total of 30 complete meals is $430 service charge plus the cost for food of approximately $155, which would be a reduction of 17% in the per meal price compared to the 5×4 service, and a 5×8 service (40meals) brings the cost per meal even lower to a 29% reduction. 

Payment is due at the time of delivery. We do accept checks, Venmo, Paypal and cash with no service charge. We can accept credit cards, but we will have to add a service charge to the final amount.

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