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Meal Prep. & Delivery Services

Our goal is to make each meal taste great, save you time, allow you to eat healthier and bring back the joy of dinner at home.

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Cooking Classes with Wine

If you want to have an evening with friends, learn how to make appetizers and dinner and enjoy the meal while drinking wine………We can do it for and with you!

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Parties & Dinners & Events

If you want to host a warm and welcoming dinner party but cannot even begin to think about planning for it? My Chef Lara will help!

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POP-UP Dinners!

Each dinner is chef selected and paired with fabulous wines! Sign up for our newsletter so you do not miss the details!

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Bachelorette Parties

Each Bachelorette Party is unique and needs a different approach. We know it and will help you making it a success.

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What is a Personal Chef?

What can a Personal Chef do for you?

When people hear that we are Personal Chefs they often ask: “Do you work exclusively for a rich & famous person or family?” or “Are you a Caterer?” 

The answer to these things is a clear “No”.

We definitely do not exclusively work for a single person or family. Our business model is structured so that a middle-class family can enjoy a great meal service in their own home.

We do provide help with parties and dinners from start to finish, which is different than a typical caterer, who only prepares meals and then delivers them to the event.

A Personal Chef is someone who generally, comes into your home, cooks many meals at once [this is how we keep the costs low], and places the food into your fridge and freezer for you to reheat and eat at your convenience. We also offer things which other private chefs typically offer as well, like custom menus and personalized service, but we do so while cooking multiple meals, meant for several days, to bring down the costs for you.

We are licensed Food Safety Managers by the Department of Health and also licensed to produce meals in our commercial kitchen and deliver them to your home. This is the perfect option for people who do prefer a delivery option.

My Chef Lara also offers cooking classes, parties and even pop-up dinners but meal prep. & delivery is the main pillar of our company. Our goal is to bring people back to the table and provide food that is delicious, satisfying and healthy. Contact us for more information on how we can serve you.

For more information on what a Personal Chef is or what My Chef Lara can do for you, please watch the video below:

The Chefs table – Radio Show

Every third Wednesday of the month at 8am, you can listen to My Chef Lara at “The Chefs Table” on the radio on 1320AM WARA with Domenic Cotoia! Here is…

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Meal Delivery Service

Cuisine At Your Door – Custom meal delivery service In addition to our fabulous In-Home Meal Service you can have our custom meals, prepared in our commercial kitchen, and delivered…

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Cooking Classes

Are you are thinking of having an afternoon or evening with family or friends and learn how to make some great appetizers and a main course of your choice? This…

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Party, Dinner & Event

Want to have a warm and welcoming dinner party but cannot even begin to think about planning for it? My Chef Lara has two ways we can help: We can…

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Meal Prep. & Delivery 2

Our goals are to make each meal the very best you have ever tasted, save you time, allow you to eat healthier and bring back the joy of dinner at…

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