Tax Seasoning Packages – add spice to the tax season!

tax imageFor our Tax Accountant Clients! 

We understand that tax season can be a time where other priorities stand in the way of good eating.  My Chef Lara is here to help you not only survive the tax season but to thrive. We can deliver Home cooked meals straight to your office. Imagine that it is 5pm and you have hours still left in your day and all there is to eat in your office is cold leftover pizza from lunch or the same old fast food menus that you have been eating all week. Now imagine the same scenario but you are able to warm up a fabulous home cooked meal to feed your body and your energy levels. You can then head into the last few hours of your day warm, happy and able to operate at peak performance.

Our custom meal packages offer you the convenience of pre-ordering so that you have nothing to worry about. The food arrives at your office at pre-determined times and go straight into your office refrigerator, for you to eat at your convenience. We will create menu’s just for you for your entire service and when you sign-up with pre-payment we offer an even greater discount and no hassles.  It is like having food that you love magically appear when you need it.

Our packages are very flexible but to give you an idea of cost our custom 5×4 [5 meals of 4 portions each = 20 individual meals] costs $350 plus the cost of food which averages about $95 – $105 for food. Cost per meal varies greatly depending on the package which you decide on so please contact us for more information. Our packages also offer discounts not available to our regular plans.

But wait – there is more!  If you sign up for a package we will provide you with two one portion sample meals for your enjoyment so that you can find out just how wonderful our meals are.  Choose from two of these three options:

Options Menu

To see some sample menus of meals we have cooked for our clients click here.

Our meal delivery service operates exactly the same as our in-home service except that we deliver to your home. For details on our meal replacement services please click here.

Contact us and we will help you get through this tax season not only healthy, but happy!