Embrace Ugly Food!

 Working with food on a daily basis gives me a new appreciation for food as it is meant to be. Food is like people: Just because it is not perfect on the outside does not mean it is not perfect on the inside. Food waste is such a big problem these days I say lets embrace the food as it is! Our expectations of food we use in our recipes should be about flavor and not appearance. Most of the time we change its appearance anyway. I do believe that we eat with our eyes first BUT that is in the presentation of the final product, not the initial raw product. Lets do what we can to reduce food waste.
Read NPR’s article on ugly food coming to Whole Foods (and I hope more stores ultimately).
Also – check out this awesome company which will deliver ugly produce right to your house. They are not cover all areas yet but check out Imperfect Food (referenced in the NPR article).