Cooking Class: My Chef Lara’s Yummy Summer 3 ring circus

Due to the great time we had at our April 3 ring circus we have decided to do it again! We are taking you to the Mediterranean this time for summer time flavors and to learn how to Poach, Cook with Caul Fat, Wield a knife in the kitchen, drink wine, and much much more!

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Join us on August 4th for our second Yummy 3 ring circus. This will be a Mediterranean inspired evening you will never forget where you will learn knife skills, taste fabulous wine, be involved in cooking a wonderful dinner AND then get to eat it. Eat, Learn and Enjoy!  This class will teach you how to perform in the kitchen with three “areas” of instruction.  Below is a program of events:

Door opens:  5:30 PM

1st Session:               6:00 – 6:30 PM                                  Intermission:             10 minutes

2nd Session:              6:40 – 7:20 PM                                 Intermission:             10 minutes

3rd Session:               7:30 – 8:00 PM

Dinner Start:              8:15 PM                                             Dinner End:              estimated 9:30 PM


1st Station:                 “Power of the glass”

Tasting of different white (2) and red (2) wines from different glasses.

Did you know that the very same wine will taste completely different when poured into and drunk out of different glasses?
We are more than happy to show you. We will taste 4 different wines (2 red and 2 white) out of 4 different glasses and you will feel that you are drinking different wines.

Yes, it is that dramatic.
Buy the right glass and save money when drinking less expensive wines rather than expensive wines from a wrong glass.

 2nd Station:                “Knife Skills Instructions”

How to prep a cutting station, knife types, how to hold a knife, how to sharpen a knife, basic knife cuts.

During the class we will show, how to set-up a cutting station, how to handle, hold and sharpen a knife, go through different cuts and practice, practice, practice.

Please bring your favorite knife from home (we hope it is an eight inch Chef’s knife) and we will teach how to handle it.

3rd Station:                 “Hands-On Cooking Class”

First Course:

  •   KaltSchale (Cold summer berry soup)

Second Course: [These dishes will be taught during the class]

  •   Panzanella (Greek inspired summer bread salad – filling as a main dish)
  •    Mediterranean marinated and poached turbot (white fish) with a Greek Quinoa salad
  •    Sheftalia (Cypriot Lamb and Pork Sausage)with Tzatiki Sauce and a herbed whole-wheat couscous

Side dish:

  •    Fashoulakia (Greek style Green beans)


  •    Raw Vegan Fruit Crisp
  •    Roasted Pears and Apples with dried apricots and pistachios served with ice cream

Ring Leaders:                Chefs Lara Moritz, Norbert Klotz & Amy Brockway-Jackl from My Chef Lara

Additional Info:

  •  Participants should bring a knife, preferred is an 8-inch Chef’s knife
  • Participants should bring their own wine for the dinner service (BYOB for dinner but wine for tasting is provided)
  •  We will divide all of the participants into 3 groups.
  •  Each person then will take a spot in either one of the 3 session locations. After 30 minutes the groups will change to the next session location.
  •  In the “Hands-On Cooking session” each group will learn how to cook a part of the dinner menu, which then will be served after all sessions are done.
  •  Sessions will start on-time and are limited to 30 minutes each. The intermission of 5-10 minutes is used to re-establish the station set-up.
  •  All recipes will be handed out to each of the participants. A hand-out of the knife skills session will be available also. All participants will have an opportunity to buy tasting sets of glasses.
  •  Dinner follows immediately after the sessions and will be served by the chefs.

Come enjoy a night you will never forget!

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