More on the issue of Food Waste

I just came across this fascinating, though a bit sobering, article regarding food waste in America. It is something that industry down to individual consumers really need to look at how we can help to eliminate this problem. As you can tell this issue is on my mind today. As a personal chef I believe this is something we need to understand and to educate our clients about. As a business we help to eliminate food waste for our clients by cooking meals for them so they do not buy food that is well intentioned for a weekly dinner but never gets made and also to help with the bulk food buying that is often thrust upon us by the grocery stores of which only half is used. My Chef Lara uses every scrap of food to its fullest – keeping scraps for stock, using bulk produce across meals, etc. in an attempt to be as diligent as possible in keeping food waste down. Let us know if we can help you in this department. Until then, I urge you to read this article if only to educate yourself on the topic.

I have also uncovered a fabulous resource located here in RI! The RI Food Policy Council is working to hold classes to teach people how to reduce food waste in their own kitchens and empower this change at the grass roots level. Check out their events and review their offerings. Food is such an important part of our lives and our world – get involved if you can.